Establishment of FS

FS International Ltd. Founded in 1989

Founded in 1989

FS International Ltd. was founded in 1989 and has since become a renowned logistics company based in Hong Kong.
Since 2001, we have steadily developed our FS China branch network.

Throughout the years, our dedication has been to deliver exceptional services locally and internationally. We are driven by our passion for innovation in the logistics industry, constantly striving to offer cost-effective solutions that help our clients streamline their operations and reduce costs.

To accommodate our rapid business growth, we have expanded our presence in major cities in China and overseas, establishing a robust global agency network. No matter the challenges our clients face, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions.

Our business philosophy is straightforward and unwavering: we serve our clients with sincerity, loyalty, and professionalism, tailoring our solutions to meet their unique needs.