FS & CAN attend CIIE for sixth consecutive year

The sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE) held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from November 05 to November 10 successfully. This year’s CIIE fully resumes offline activities, with the doors wide open to embrace guests from all corners of the world, over 3,400 companies from 128 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and nearly 410,000 professional visitors, with a record number of Global Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders in attendance. Since the first CIIE, many participating companies have expressed similar sentiments speaking of the tremendous appeal of the event. Some said they would bring their best and latest products to the event, and some promised to introduce their best service. For them, the CIIE brings not just orders, but also the future and hopes.

It is the sixth consecutive year that we FS has participated in the CIIE as an exhibitor. The CIIE, a pioneering event in the history of international trade development, has become a show case of China's new development pattern, a platform for high-level opening-up, and a public good shared by the whole world. This year, we have two booths with one expand to 54 square meters, and we customized uniform garments for team workers and gifts for visitors. Most specially, we have members of CAN and EAA from Singapore/Japanese/Korea/Vietnam/Mexico/Thailand visiting.

This year's expo, F S and CAN revolve around the theme of "MCC QIANHAI Import Platform,” emphasizing our dedication to fostering Global Consolidation direct Inbound Platform. The focus will be on opening-up and mutual benefits, creating a platform for businesses worldwide to explore opportunities. And to ensure a seamless experience for our clients, our team also available throughout the event to provide personalized assistance that highlighting we are able to handle all logistics requirements, including customs clearance, transportation, and warehousing, aim allowing client to focus on maximizing their business opportunities.

During date November 05-07, we had promotion conferences about MCC QIANHAI Import Platform in our booth, which highlights new empowerment of Direct LCL Import China, it not only attracts multinational companies, but also gathers upstream and downstream enterprises, and providing opportunities for cooperation for industries involving logistics to reorganize and optimize their services on a glob scale. And many shipping logistics visitors in our booth said that they are glad to have opportunity to deepen exchanges with companies and partners in the same industry or even across industries, and discuss cooperation prospects together during the promotion conference.

We accepted the interview from local media and received the invitation to attend the thematic sharing session of connecting to Global business organized by HKTDC, we took the opportunity to share and promote our concept of "MCC QIANHAI Import Platform".

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) from first held in 2018 till now, has leveraged the strengths of China's huge market and serves as a platform for international procurement, service exchanges and open cooperation, which fully amplify its role as a platform for facilitating high-level opening-up, make the Chinese market a major one shared by the world, and further provide shared international public goods and services, and facilitate the building of global economic growth, so that the whole world can benefit from win-win cooperation. Let’s looking forward to the China International Import Expo next year.